Franchise Program

We have launched the Cazza franchise program to accelerate the development of a sustainable and environmentally friendly future across the world.

Cazza franchisees are able to commercialize Cazza’s technologies and services in their area of coverage as a certified partner or under Cazza’s brand for a prescribed period of time. As a Cazza franchisee you can choose to commercialize Cazza’s products, services or both.

As a Cazza product franchisee this permits you to retail:

  • All of Cazza’s 3D printing robots (operating software included)
  • All of Cazza’s concrete mixes
  • Any new technologies and advances developed by Cazza
  • Maintenance services on all of Cazza’s 3D robots.

As a Cazza service franchisee this permits you to provide design, engineering, and construction services under your own brand or the Cazza brand. Depending on exclusivity, Cazza service franchisees may be the only operators within their area to use Cazza’s 3D printing robots.


As a Product Franchisee

  • You are provided with advanced knowledge regarding Cazza’s upcoming processes, technologies and materials
  • Receive exclusive patent rights to use any of Cazza’s engineering processes and technologies
  • Full technological support from the Cazza team

As a Service Franchisee

  • Unique access to all of Cazza’s design, engineering, 3D and hybrid construction processes.
  • Step by step instructions to open and successfully run a Cazza office
  • Advanced knowledge regarding Cazza’s upcoming processes, technologies and materials
  • Access to our unique partnerships with design, engineering and construction companies
Upon acceptance into Cazza’s franchise program, all franchisees will receive one 3D printing robot, Cazza’s software, and operator training. Franchisees will be required to buy the concrete mix separately.